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     Since the human history, has been the soul of all things. Keeping pursuit of progress and development, after several times the industrial revolution, push the human life level into a new realm. However, governments work for the economy, they can not effectively curb the manufacturers and the people for energy abuse. The Earth's living environment is rapidly deteriorating. Since humans can not survive without energy, the most effective use of energy has become the most urgent mission of the times. As far as possible the use of clean energy and energy the most efficient use of the Earth is the only way to maintain the eternal survival of all things.
     The development of solar water heaters and heat pump water heaters is the result of environmental pioneer efforts, but because of the restrictions on the environment, resulting in the resources and energy can not be the most effective use. BOW Technology captured the rapid utilization of gas boiler and green energy water heater advantage of energy-saving to develop
TAYJYI hot water flow controller. So the use of both gas and green energy can play to the extreme.

Protect our environment    Let's use energy in the most efficient way

AUTOMNT 電池自動保養放電器 AUTOMNT-Environmental Protector


Extend battery life 

Reduce waste and pollution


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